Launch of our e-Learning app

14 Jul 2017

We're delighted to announce the launch of our first ever e-Learning mobile app for our client AAGBI. 

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Going Live…

18 May 2017 The Inclusive digital team organising a live stream of an RCR event.

We are ramping up our live streaming and webinar operations.

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Proud to be launching our new Inclusive Digital LMS

01 Mar 2017

We are proud to be launching our new online CPD and training platform, using our Inclusive Learning Management System, which we have built for the BSR.

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Video-based e-Learning: why it works

01 Feb 2017

We’ve been developing our video-based e-Learning platform for over 5 years, and it’s now one of our key business areas.

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A round up of 2016 - a busy year for Inclusive!

01 Jan 2017

The end of 2016 marks the end of another another busy year for Inclusive.  

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First look at the new Creative Dimension Trust site

10 Nov 2016

We've just launched a new website for The Creative Dimension Trust, one of our new clients - and here's a look at the site.

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A look inside our Barcelona base

31 Oct 2016

6 months ago, we moved into our Barcelona office. Here's how the team has been getting on so far.

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How Inclusive is doing - 9 years on...

26 Oct 2016

This month, Inclusive celebrates its 9th birthday, and is about to enter its 10th year. Here's a look at recent developments.

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RSM promotes updated e-Learning site

21 Oct 2016

Our recent updates to the RSM's e-Learning site are outlined in the latest edition of the RSM's Engage magazine. 

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More information on CoT's new annual conference site

17 Oct 2016

Inclusive has just launched the website for the College of Occupational Therapists' annual conference. Here's a look at the new site.

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Information about the updated Jazz Archive website

18 Sep 2016

The National Jazz Archive, one of our long-standing clients, has won a new Heritage Lottery Grant. We've been working with them to upgrade their website to meet the requirements of their new project.

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Full advert for the vacancy for a Business Development and Digital Marketing Executive

14 Sep 2016

Here are the full details about our vacancy for a Business Development and Digital Marketing Executive.

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Full advert for the Inclusive Digital iOS App developer vacancy

05 Sep 2016 - By Ella Stewart Holland

Here is the full job advert for our iOS App developer role in Barcelona.

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A detailed guide to the AAGBI e-Learning site

26 Aug 2016

We've been working with the AAGBI on their e-Learning platform since 2013. Here's a guide to the upgraded Learn@AAGBI website. 

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A look at how Inclusive's Centenary News website has grown since its launch

12 Aug 2016

Since we launched the website for Centenary News in 2011, the site has had over 500,000 visits and nearly a million page views. 

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An update on the PM Channel website

12 Jul 2016

The PM Channel is an e-Learning platform for project managers, designed and developed by Inclusive in 2013. Here's an update on the site. 

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More about the new Inclusive Video and Slides platform

02 Jun 2016

Here's a guide to the key features on the new Inclusive Video and Slides platform.

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East-West: The Art of Dialogue: a guide to the new website

05 Apr 2016

We've created a new website for the international exchange initiative, 'East-West: The Art of Dialogue.'

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Why we've moved to Amazon Web Services

10 Mar 2016 - By Ellie Stephenson

At Inclusive Digital, we’ve recently moved our video hosting to the cloud-based Amazon Web Services (AWS). Ellie Stephenson explains why we've done it.

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The Plan for 2016

10 Jan 2016 - By Nigel Dacre Inclusive filming at an AAGBI event

Inclusive's Nigel Dacre outlines the plans for the company for the coming year.

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The thinking behind the new Inclusive Digital website

07 Sep 2015 - By Nigel Dacre

We’ve launched our new website – and here's an outline of the thinking that went into the new site.

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Full text of Westminster Forum keynote speech

29 Apr 2015 - By Ben Jay

Here is the full text of the speech given by Inclusive Digital's CEO Nigel Dacre on the 21st April 2015 at the Westminster Media Forum seminar on local media.

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Why we chose the new Sony PXW-X200 camera

11 Apr 2015 - By Ben Jay

We have been investing in new camera equipment with the latest Sony XDCAM - the Sony PXW-X200.

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Full job description for Web Developer vacancy

22 Mar 2015 - By Stephanie Howe

Here's the job description for the web developer vacancy at Inclusive.. 

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More information about winning the RCR tender

05 Dec 2014 - By Stephanie Howe

Here's some background information on the re-tender of the Royal College of Radiologists e-Learning website, which we have just won.

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Press Release on first anniversary of Local TV

26 Nov 2014 - By Ben Jay

Here's the full press release issued by the Local TV Network (LTVN - marking its first birthday this week.


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Update on 2014 filming schedule

05 Nov 2014 - By Stephanie Howe

Over the last year, we have been booked on over a hundred filming days.

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Notts TV - 22 programmes in 6 months

03 Nov 2014 - By Kate Chaplin

Blog by Inclusive's Nottingham researcher Kate Chaplin on how we have produced  22 TV programmes in 6 months.

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Inclusive Digital – our 7th anniversary

29 Oct 2014 - By Nigel Dacre

Blog by Inclusive Digital’s founder and CEO Nigel Dacre, looking back over the last 7 years.

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More details on Autumn 2014 filming plans

24 Oct 2014 - By Stephanie Howe

We have begun autumn filming, producing interviews for the RSM & events for the RCR.

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Background on Learn@AAGBI's new features

14 Sep 2014 - By Ben Jay

We have launched new features and functionality on the Learn@AAGBI website.

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Latest blog: conference filming round up

07 Jul 2014 - By Stephanie Howe

Here's a blog about the conference filming we have done so far this year. 

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Inclusive Digital 2013

13 Dec 2013 - By Nigel Dacre

In this blog, Inclusive's Chief Executive, Nigel Dacre, reviews the company's development over 2013.

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Centenary News blog: a review of the website

10 Dec 2013 - By Nigel Dacre

The Editor writes about the Centenary News' development over the last year.

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Text of Nigel Dacre's speech at Edinburgh TV Festival

23 Aug 2013 - By Daniel Barry

Nigel Dacre delivers a speech on the growth & potential for local TV in the UK.

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Details of coverage of Local TV event at Edinburgh

23 Aug 2013 - By Daniel Barry

Broadcast reports on Inclusive Digital's CEO's speech at the Edinburgh Television Festival.

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Latest blog: our first shoot for Notts TV

12 Jun 2013 - By Stephanie Howe

Blog by Inclusive's Stephanie Howe on how we've started filming for Notts TV.

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Handing over the National Jazz Archive website

01 May 2013 - By Daniel Barry

A blog written for the National Jazz Archive website, which we handed over to the Client this week.

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Inclusive outlook for 2013

11 Feb 2013 - By Nigel Dacre

Inclusive Digital is now in its 6th year, and I can honestly say that we’ve never been busier.

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Cross Media: a maturing industry

18 Sep 2012 - By Nigel Dacre

Nigel Dacre writes for the Independent Print Industries Association Printing Industry Review.

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Inclusive update

10 Feb 2012 - By Nigel Dacre

An update on the year so far. 

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RCR contract

16 Dec 2011 - By Lizzie Jarvis

Our first major project in the New Year will be the creation of a video website for the RCR. 

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Local News: the next steps

15 Dec 2011 - By Nigel Dacre

Blog update by Inclusive's Nigel Dacre on our progress with Local TV. 

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Why have we launched Centenary News?

15 Dec 2011 - By Nigel Dacre

A blog on the reasons behind the launch of Centenary News - the new site that aims to cover the Centenary of the First World War.

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5 things to consider when making a Viral Video

14 Dec 2011 - By Toby Clarke

A blog on how best to produce a viral or promotional video. 

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Press release on launch of Local Digital News

29 Jul 2011

Here's the press release that Inclusive Digital has sent out  - describing how the company has teamed up with Steve Perkins to set up a subsidiary, Local Digital News

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