5 things to consider when making a Viral Video

14 Dec 2011 - By Toby Clarke

5 Things To Consider When Making a Viral or Promotional Video...

1.    Value to Viewers
Whilst you are still in the planning stage of your viral and before you have shot any footage, ask yourself – ‘How will this video be of value to my target audience?’ Will it be funny? Will it provide them with some kind of practical usage? Will they go away having learnt something? These are all questions you should consider, some more than others, depending on the subject matter of the video. One important thing to consider is that most viewers aren’t viewing your video because of the brand or company it represents, they are probably making the effort to watch the video because they think they will gain something from it – either a chuckle or some valuable knowledge or just a chance to see some really cool footage.

2.    Brand Awareness
Even though people don’t want brands thrusted in their face, there are a number of ways in which you can get the brand’s message across and also sneak a few product placement type shots in so that people remember the brand after they have finished watching the video. It is important that you don’t over-brand the video and make constant references to the brand but instead, think how that product or service could be used in everyday life and make a reference to that. Having someone with gravitas or prestige in their field using the product can help, or if you can’t afford such a person, there’s always ways to get the public talking about your brand in your video – think vox pops.

3.    Campaigns
Often company’s promotional videos get lost in the depths of Youtube as there is no social media campaign to go along with them. Once people have watched your video if there is no supporting material or conversation to go along with it then the video has no value and will soon be forgotten by the viewer. If you have created a Twitter hash tag # to go with your videos then at least you can start getting a conversation going on Twitter, providing you have enough engaged followers. You can also ask your customers questions on social media sites relating to the videos and their subject matter. This should get people talking about your brand. Campaigns also provide the opportunity for multiple videos to be produced in a series, which gives you more of a chance to be regularly placing videos out in the social space without spamming the same video again and again.

4.    Release Dates
Now that you have your videos and your campaign to go along with them, something you will have to consider is how and when you release the video. In terms of release dates, a lot of people only upload the videos to Youtube one at a time and release them at intervals. I would actually recommend uploading all the videos at once, but then plugging the videos on social media sites at intervals. The reason for this is that if a viewer likes the first of your videos they can then go on to watch more videos and engage with the rest of your series. Also your hits across the series will increase this way with videos being linked like this on sites such as Youtube.

5.    Thumbnail Optimisation
This is the final hurdle that many people actually fall on. Once you have your promotional videos uploaded to Youtube you have to maximise your chances of getting them seen. Remember that your video will be sitting alongside thousands if not millions of other videos, many of which will have the same subject matter. Therefore it is vital that you make your thumbnail image stand out from the crowd. Youtube will select 3 images taken from your video, and you can select which image you like best. Think about what kind of videos you like to click on and think about what’s popular on youtube. It could be a stunning still of something related to your product or it could just be someone who features in your video.

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