A look inside our Barcelona base

31 Oct 2016

6 months ago, we moved into our Barcelona office. Here's how the team has been getting on so far.

The Office

Inclusive's Barcelona office is a  co-working office space, situated in the heart of the 22@ district in Poblenou.

Once renowned for its industry, the 22@ urban renewal scheme has transformed Poblenou into a hub of technology and innovation over the past 10 years. 

A fitting location then, for Inclusive Digital's first international base. 

Our team work in the Valkiria Hub Space, a converted warehouse and one of Barcelona's most popular co-working spaces (below.)


The Team

Javier Prieto is our Senior Web Developer. He moved from the London office to lead the Barcelona team earlier this year, and is responsible for developing our e-Learning platforms. He says: 

"Having the opportunity to start a new adventure in a city like Barcelona is a dream come true, especially when we are lucky enough to be sharing such a cool space with so many talented people.

We believe that the city is quickly becoming one of the strongest technological hubs in Europe, and that we are in the right place to keep growing and working on even more exciting projects next year."

Berta Devant is is Inclusive's iOS App Developer. She recently moved to Barcelona from New York, where she studied Computer Science. She agrees with Javier that Poblenou is the right place for the team:

'Poblenou is one of the best places to be as a tech company right now in Barcelona, as all the major meetups and events usually happen here. Valkyria also hosts events all the time, which we can participate in. That helps us grow our skills, and network with the Barcelona tech community.'

This year, we decided that  e-Learning platforms and app development would be 2 of our 5 focus areas. The Barcelona office has been instrumental in allowing us to grow this part of the business, and we look forward to working closely with the team there in the coming months.

Inside the Valkiria Hub Space in Barcelona

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