Details of coverage of Local TV event at Edinburgh

23 Aug 2013 - By Daniel Barry

Broadcast reports on Inclusive Digital's CEO, Nigel Dacre, speaking at the Edinburgh Television Festival about how local television station will "rewrite the rules" of television production.

Here is an excerpt from the article, written by Conor Dignam:

The creation of 19 local TV stations will "rewrite the rules" of TV production, according to a panel at the Edinburgh TV Festival. Ed Hall, chief executive of Comux UK, the body set up to help create the network of local TV stations said the size of the business, with a total of 19 channels in 12 million homes, means the services have the scale and support to succeed.

The project was driven by former culture secretary Jeremy Hunt, with £40m invested from the BBC licence fee to help create a wave of local TV launches over the next year.

The local channels will have a prime, channel 8 position on Freeview EPGs, with Ofcom already in the process of licensing a second wave of local TV services over the next six months.

Nigel Dacre, chairman of the Local TV Network who is also leading Notts TV, launching next April, said the stations would have a different approach to anything that has come before them.

“British television has a strong tradition of regional TV coverage but not local TV,” he said. “With the budgets we are working with, it has got to rewrite the rules of TV production”.

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