First look at the new Creative Dimension Trust site

10 Nov 2016

We've just launched a new website for The Creative Dimension Trust, one of our new clients. 

The TCDT organises fully funded workshops for 14-18 year olds with an interest in manual crafts.

Young people can apply to workshops of their choice, and are taught by some of the world's leading craft specialists looking to inspire the next generation of professionals. 

The TCDT is a charitable organisation founded by Penny Bendall, a ceramics conservator and holder of a Royal Warrant by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen. She launched the Trust in 2015 to address the lack of opportunities for young people interested in developing craft skills:

'If you are good at sport there are lots of ways to meet others like you, to train and improve. The same is true for music or dance. But if you want to work with your hands, and learn bench work skills, there aren't enough opportunities to develop your career. We're going to fix that.'  

Skills covered in this summer's workshops included hand engraving, stone working, mural painting and marquetry. Applications will also soon open for 6 Saturday workshops in etching and silversmithing, taking place early next year. 

The TCDT asked Inclusive to design and develop their new multimedia website, which features information about the Trust and news of upcoming workshops, as well as photos and videos of recent events. 


The homepage is designed around a large main image , with a menu bar at the top. 

Underneath, a text panel  explains more about the work the Trust does, with links to other pages.



We've divided the site into 6 sections, accessed through the menu bar.  Each of these sections has its own homepage, built around a main image (see below.)


Photos and videos are put into albums. This makes content easily searchable, and allows for an unlimited number of photos and videos to be added as the site grows. 

We decided to use  WordPress for the site, adapting various elements to fit the brief we were given by Penny Bendall.

One of the main benefits of WordPress is its easy-to-use content management system (CMS), which enables the organisation to upload their own content to the website in future. 

We've also made sure the site is fully responsive, so it can be accessed on PCs/Macs, mobiles and tablets. 

You can visit The Creative Dimension Trust site here.

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