Handing over the National Jazz Archive website

01 May 2013 - By Daniel Barry

Nigel Dacre writes for the National Jazz Archive about the handover of the website after development.

We're very pleased to have finished work on the National Jazz Archive website - and formally hand it over the Archive team. It's been a really interesting project for us to work on.

The aim was to build a website that contained lots of interesting content (from videos to profiles), that covered the Archive's many activities (from events to learning resources), but that still had at its core an efficient search system for accessing the Archive's amazing online and offline collections.

From the start, we were determined that the site should look lively, interesting and, yes, jazzy. Above all, we wanted visitors to the site to be excited by the prospect of finding out information and stories about the history of British jazz.

But this is just the start of the journey! We know that the National Jazz Archive plan to add a lot more content to the site, and we'll continue to support them in this process.

In the meantime, do let the National Jazz Archive know your thoughts on the new website.

Visit the National Jazz Archive website here.

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