Inclusive Digital – our 7th anniversary

29 Oct 2014 - By Nigel Dacre

Inclusive Digital is 7 years old! It was set up in October 2007, with the aim of bringing together the separate disciplines of video production and web development.

In 2007, this was still very much a new and developing area. YouTube had only been around since 2005; and the BBC iPlayer launched in December 2007.

I can remember having to spend part of business development meetings explaining how, yes, it was actually possible to watch videos on the internet, and, yes, I thought that this was something that was going to grow and become more commonplace.

Well 7 years on, video has certainly become an integral part of the online world!

For Inclusive this has taken us on an interesting journey. We’ve made online TV documentaries; developed Web TV streaming platforms; worked on digital consultancy projects; and built up design and web development expertise.

As we enter our 8th year, we are focusing on three key areas: developing cross-platform, video-based, interactive websites; producing video and TV output (particularly in the emerging Local TV sector); and delivering complex SSO-based e-Learning platforms.

In each of the three areas, we are very much a bespoke digital media agency producing tailored solutions that meet the specific branding, content and technical requirements of individual clients.

Over the last 12 months we have:

1) Continued to deliver e-Learning platforms for a range of clients, including the RSM, the RCR, the AAGBI, the BSR, and the PM Channel.

2) Increased the filming of conferences and other events for our clients.

3) Developed new functionality for many of our websites particularly the new Learn@AAGBI platform, the new RSM video site, an expanded RCR Online Video Library, and the re-launched Centenary News.

4) Built new websites such as, which has a dynamically-updated What's On Schedule, a video Catch Up service, and integrated network advertising.

5) Played a key role in the roll-out of Local TV in the UK - through our subsidiary Local Digital News, its co-ownership of Notts TV, and our role in the Local TV Network.

6) And finally; we've grown our Local TV programme-making service. We opened a production office in Nottingham, and have so far this year produced 22 half-hour documentaries for Notts TV.

In the coming year, we want to focus on strengthening our service to our current clients by making our videos fully cross-platform, and including live webcasting in our standard service. We are also about to unveil our new company website.

In a recent pitch document, we described our e-Learning platform – and then wrote:

"This is a highly specialised area and very few digital companies can provide both web development and video production services. We have brought these two areas together to develop an e-Learning platform which, after years of development and refinement, is now highly reliable and fit-for-purpose."

So after 7 years, I think we can say that we are still true to our original mission of pioneering the integration of video into online usage.

Here’s to the next 7 years!

Nigel Dacre

CEO and Founder, Inclusive Digital

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