Latest blog: our first shoot for Notts TV

12 Jun 2013 - By Stephanie Howe

Our producers have started filming for Notts TV!

Local Digital News, a subsidiary of Inclusive Digital, is part of the consortium that won the licence to launch a new Local TV channel in Nottingham next year.

So as part of the preparations for the channel, we were asked to film content that could be included in a Notts TV promotional video. 

The first job was to illustrate content that might appear in a possible Nottingham history programme. After doing a fair amount of research, we decided to focus the history pilot filming on Nottingham’s tram network, which is one of the oldest in the country. 

The Nottingham tram network has also recently been modernised and is under expansion, so it’s a real time of change for them.

My colleague Ben got in touch with The Media Archive for Central England (MACE) about sourcing archive film of trams, and they sent through some fascinating black and white footage of the first electric trams in the city. 

I organised interviews with a local historian and the project manager from Nottingham City Council who is overseeing the new development of the tram network. 

Our second assignment was to film sequences that would reflect the channel’s approach to local news coverage. We arranged with the Nottingham Post to film in their office. We also did filming in the Nottingham Trent University media studio – which will be the transmission centre for Notts TV News. 

It was great to get Notts TV filming underway, and we are looking forward to working on more programming in the future.

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