More about the new Inclusive Video and Slides platform

02 Jun 2016

The new Inclusive Videos and Slides online platform is designed to allow videos to stream alongside slides/PowerPoint presentations.

It works well for conferences, seminars and product launches.

The key pages:

1) Homepage - can have client branding, event title, event information, and organiser or sponsor logos (see image above).

2) Directory page - with a list of videos with titles and names of speakers.

3) Video play page: with video of speaker, video resizer, slides in an adjoining panel, a slide carousel, and information panel.

4) About page: with background information on the event, organisers and, if required, sponsors,

5) Help page: with FAQs on video streaming and other issues.

The site has strong SEO features, and has a responsive design - so that the site and videos can work on PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile phones.

Here's a screen image of the video play page:


See site here.




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