Proud to be launching our new Inclusive Digital LMS

01 Mar 2017

At Inclusive Digital, we are proud to announce our new online CPD and training platform, using our Learning Management System (LMS), which we have launched for The British Society for Rheumatology (BSR).

We have built a number of eLearning modules for the BSR, to add to their online eLearning platform. These modules will assist Rheumatology professionals, in various stages of their career, to reinforce their CPD.

The LMS is based on WordPress, which makes it easy to update and make changes to the content. 

The eLearning modules are fully responsive to PCs/Macs, mobile phones and tablets. 

eLearning Module Directory page

We created a directory page, which displays the various modules available with a thumbnail image and short title description. 

There’s a wide variety of module subjects, including Update on Vasculitis, An introduction to Inflammatory Arthritis and the Musculoskeletal System, and Inflammatory Arthritis.

Once the user has selected a module, they are taken to the  contents page, where a short summary of the learning outcomes is displayed with a contents list of the different units or pages in the module. 

BSR eLearning Module Contents page

On the contents page, there is a progress bar, showing what percentage of the module is completed. 

Within each module, there are various units which can include information pages, case studies, quizzes and educational videos (which show anything from interviews with medical professionals to demonstrations of how to do an ultrasound guided injection).

Once a user has finished a module, they can go back to the module contents page and review any of the units that they may want to understand further.

Here are a few examples of the different units on the modules:

BSR eLearning Case Study 

BSR eLearning Quiz 

BSR Demonstration Video 


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