RCR contract

16 Dec 2011 - By Lizzie Jarvis

We’re off to a good start in 2012!

Our first major project in the New Year will be the creation of a CPD video site for the Royal College of Radiologists, built on the InclusiveProStream™ platform.

The site will include a bespoke slide viewing feature, which will enable users to look at radiological images more closely.  This will be one of several new updates to the InclusiveProStream™   platform, which is now the foundation for a range of interactive websites.

The Royal College of Radiologists represents both Clinical Oncologists and Clinical Radiologists – and for both groups it’s crucial that their CPD activity includes being able to study radiological and other clinical images in a meaningful and precise way.

So the challenge for the new e-Learning site is to make it clear and easy-to-use – but at the same time having a platform that can handle, stream and highlight high quality images.

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