The Plan for 2016

10 Jan 2016 - By Nigel Dacre Inclusive filming at an AAGBI event

The Plan for 2016

It’s always good to start a New Year with a plan. Like the best New Year’s resolutions, a New Year plan needs to be the right mixture of realism and ambition. Too realistic, and you won’t push yourself (or the company). Too ambitious, and you’ll over-stretch yourself (or the company).

Well, for Inclusive, the 2016 plan is based on 3 key points: continue to strengthen the operational side of the company, provide the best possible service to existing clients, and continue to get more new business.

On the operational side, we are upgrading all of our websites, one by one, to the Zend 2 Framework – a more flexible and future-proof development framework than the one we have used in the past.

We are also moving our main websites to a new servers at our hosting databank at United Hosting.

And we are migrating our video hosting and streaming to the fast developing and increasingly powerful cloud-based AWS network.

By the Autumn of 2016, then, we aim to have all of our main client websites on a new framework, new servers, and linked to new video streaming network. 

In the last few months’ we’ve also invested in new Sony cameras, new Mac/Adobe Premier edit stations, and a massive on-site data storage system

And, behind the scenes, we’ve overhauled our management systems – adopting cloud-based business solutions for accounts, invoicing, project management and HR.

On the existing client side, we are in the process of reviewing our services, and strengthening them where possible. We are trying to improve the handling of enquiries and questions, provide more feedback to clients, and achieve a faster turn-around on projects.

And on the new business side, we are having a big push on turning what we do in to clearer products and services, and then promoting them online and via social media.

So, a clear strategy for the year – one, hopefully, that’s both aspirational and achievable!


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