The thinking behind the new Inclusive Digital website

07 Sep 2015 - By Nigel Dacre

We’ve launched our new website – with a contemporary look, updated text, more social networking links, and a device-responsive design.

Many thanks to our Senior Web Developer Javier Prieto for designing and then building such an elegant looking site.

Our old website served us well, over many years – but it was definitely looking a bit jaded.

As ever with a new website, it’s allowed us to review our priorities, and we have decided to focus on four key areas: video production, website development, e-Learning platforms, and Local TV.

We do offer other services – such as live webcasting, social media services, and digital consultancy – but we decided to promote just four top areas on the homepage of the website, and in the site’s main sub-sections.

Over the last seven years, since the company was formed, we have steadily moved into these four areas, and have a strong presence in each of them.

We do a lot of video production work, and have just invested in the latest generation of Sony cameras; we have built up a reputation for high quality web development; we have long term contracts for e-Learning platforms with some of the UK’s leading health organisations; and we are closely involved in the roll out of Local TV.

So have a look round the new site – we hope you like it!

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