For filming, we use Sony PXW-X200 cameras, OsmoPro stabiliser cameras, MavicPro drone cameras, Sennheiser wireless microphones, and Dedo and LED lighting.

For more complicated projects, we have access to extra camera, sound and lighting equipment through the London-based Alias, Smith and Singh broadcast hire company.

For editing and graphics, we us Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe Premier After Effects. For post-production, we use the Evolutions post-production facilities in central London.

Our video and e-Learning platforms are based on InclusiveStream™, which includes community features, a video and audio player, and archive and filtering systems – and which has an easy-to-use, flexible and adaptable Content Management System.

InclusiveStream™ is built on the Zend2 Framework, an open-source framework that provides a rich set of components for building web applications. Zend has an active developer community, which allows for regular updates and improvements.

For general website development work, we build sites either on our own dedicated Zend2 Framework or on WordPress.

Inclusive has dedicated and managed servers at United Hosting, one of the UK’s leading hosting companies. United Hosting operates from a private data centre located in the London Docklands. They operate full pro-active server management, with 24-hours a day monitoring and maintenance.

Our videos stream via the Amazon AWS network. See more about AWS here.