Inclusive Digital News - 2014

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BSR Autumn Conference

23 Dec 2014

Inclusive film two-day event in Brighton for the BSR. 

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Inclusive wins RCR tender

16 Dec 2014

Inclusive wins RCR e-Learning contract in re-tender process. 

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Local TV marks first year

26 Nov 2014

Local TV is marking its first anniversary.

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Launch of the RCR Video Library

25 Nov 2014

We have launched a new CPD Video Library website for the RCR.

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Busy week for Inclusive Digital

21 Nov 2014

Inclusive heads to Cambridge and upgrade their streaming systems

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One day seminar filmed

14 Nov 2014

Inclusive Digital has filmed a one day event for the RCR.

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Anaesthesia in War Day

05 Nov 2014

Inclusive Digital has filmed a special anaesthesia in war event for the AAGBI.

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Inclusive Digital is 7 years old!

29 Oct 2014

Inclusive Digital is marking its 7th anniversary this month

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Malala Yousafzai interview at the RSM

27 Oct 2014

Nobel Peace Prize winner is interviewed at the Royal Society of Medicine.

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Inclusive's autumn schedule begins

23 Oct 2014

Inclusive Digital's production crew film events for the RCR autumn schedule.

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On Demand service launched for Notts TV

20 Oct 2014

Notts TV shows can now be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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East West launches third Gabr Fellowship

14 Oct 2014

Inclusive Digital launch the third Gabr Fellowship for the 'East-West: The Art of Dialogue' initiative.


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Notts TV Programmes

01 Oct 2014

Inclusive Digital has produced 19 television programmes for Notts TV so far this year.

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End of year figures for the RSM

30 Sep 2014

RSM Videos end of year figures released.

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Centenary News expands

29 Sep 2014

Centenary News has shown strong growth during 2014

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AAGBI launches new features

15 Sep 2014

New functionality launched on AAGBI's e-Learning platform.

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Autumn 2014 conferences

04 Sep 2014

Inclusive Digital has a busy filming schedule planned for the Autumn.

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Strong viewing figures for Notts TV

26 Aug 2014

Notts TV has announced positive figures for the first three months.

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RSM interviews filmed

01 Aug 2014

Inclusive Digital films interviews for the Royal Society of Medicine.

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The year so far

07 Jul 2014

A round up of Inclusive Digital's filming this year.

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Notts TV launches

27 May 2014

The new Local TV channel for Nottingham has launched on Freeview Channel 8.

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Inclusive launches SSO for RSM

01 May 2014

Single Sign On function now available on the RSM videos site.

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New Notts TV website

20 Jan 2014

Inclusive launches the new Notts TV website.

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AAGBI 3-day event

17 Jan 2014

Inclusive films the AAGBI Winter Scientific Meeting in Westminster.

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East-West Fellowship application

01 Jan 2014

Inclusive builds application form for the 2014 Gabr Fellowship.

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