Inclusive Digital News - 2015

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Inclusive's New GoPro Hero 4

30 Oct 2015

Inclusive Digital expands its camera range with the new GoPro Hero 4.

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Live streaming for BSR Conference

17 Oct 2015

Inclusive organised a successful live web-streaming session for the British Society for Rheumatology at the ICC in Birmingham. 

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Notts TV gets SIX RTS Nominations

11 Sep 2015 Notts TV presenter Frances Finn

Notts TV, part-owned by Inclusive Digital, has picked up SIX nominations for Midlands Royal Television Society Awards.

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Centenary News Figures

08 Sep 2015

There have been strong user numbers for Inclusive's Centenary News website for the first year of the First World War centenary.

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Filming Schedule

06 Sep 2015

Inclusive is facing a busy September and October on the video production front - with filming in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

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Video Producer Vacancy

06 Sep 2015

We have a vacancy for a Digital Video Producer.

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Notts TV launches on Sky

22 Jul 2015

Notts TV, partly owned by Inclusive Digital, has been launched on Sky - and has moved to a 24 hour schedule.

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New Video Sales website for BSR

21 Jul 2015

The BSR has asked Inclusive to design and build a new website to sell videos to non-members.

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September video bookings

21 Jul 2015

We've been commissioned to video two major medical conferences in September 2015.

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Anaesthetists annual conference filmed by Inclusive

22 Jun 2015

Inclusive films three days of lectures for the AAGBI's Group of Anaesthetists in Training (GAT) ASM in Manchester.

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Inclusive mobile streaming

14 Jun 2015

Inclusive Digital is upgrading the way it streams videos and presentations on mobile phones.

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New website for Inclusive Digital

10 Jun 2015

We've launched our new company website - with a new design and updated features.

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Business Development

09 Jun 2015

Inclusive has appointed Kelly Fernandes as its new Business Development Executive.


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First anniversary for Notts TV

27 May 2015

Notts TV celebrated its first anniversary on May 27 2015. Inclusive Digital is part of the Notts TV consortium, and has produced two series of documentaries and history programmes for the channel.

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London Nurse Show project delivered

25 May 2015

Inclusive Digital has produced a commercial video about the London Nurse Show for the Mark Allen Group.

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RCR lecture event

14 May 2015

Inclusive films a day of lectures for the Royal College of Radiology.

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Inclusive films interview with author Diana Preston

08 May 2015

Inclusive have filmed an interview with historian and author, Diana Preston, for Centenary News.

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BSR Spring Conference

02 May 2015

Inclusive Digital film a three-day event in Manchester for the British Society of Rheumatologists.

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Now and Then episode 11

01 May 2015

Inclusive Digital has made a new episode of Nottingham Now and Then for local television channel Notts TV.

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More support for Local TV

30 Apr 2015

Inclusive CEO and former LTVN Chair Nigel Dacre has delivered a keynote address at the Westminster Media Forum Seminar, calling on the new government to support Local TV.

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‘Recent developments in digital health’ series made live

17 Apr 2015

Inclusive Digital has edited a video series for the Royal Society of Medicine.

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Business Development vacancy

12 Apr 2015

We are looking to recruit a Business Development Executive - based at our London office.

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National Jazz success

09 Apr 2015

The National Jazz Archive has issued a press release summarising the first 3 years of ‘The Story of British Jazz’. Inclusive designed and built the website for the project.

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Telemedicine and eHealth series

08 Apr 2015

Inclusive Digital edits a digital health development series.

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Inclusive CEO keynote address

07 Apr 2015

Inclusive's CEO to deliver a keynote address on Local TV at the Westminster Media Forum Seminar in London in April 2015.

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London Nurse Show

30 Mar 2015

Inclusive Digital has filmed the London Nurse Show 2015 at Alexandra Palace.

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RCR exam videos to be produced

13 Mar 2015

Two exam videos are being filmed and edited for the RCR.

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35 new scientific lectures edited by Inclusive Digital

19 Feb 2015

Inclusive Digital has edited 35 lectures for the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland.

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16th episode of 'A Day in the Life' broadcast

16 Feb 2015

Inclusive Digital has produced its latest TV programme for Notts TV.

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Spine study day filmed

13 Feb 2015

Inclusive Digital has filmed the ‘Spine study day’ in Leeds for the Royal College of Radiologists.

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Inclusive films TV programme at East Midlands Airport

04 Feb 2015

We have produced two new episodes of 'A Day in the Life' for Notts TV.

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Inclusive to hire web developer

26 Jan 2015

We are looking to hire another developer.

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AAGBI Winter Scientific Meeting

16 Jan 2015 AAGBI WSM

Inclusive Digital films over 50 talks for the Association of Anaesthetists. 

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