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24 Feb 2011

Inclusive Digital has submitted an Expression of Interest for the proposed new local television network.

The aim is to form or join a consortium that will tender for the network channel later in 2011. This could either be on a consultancy basis, or as a member of a consortium.

In the Expression of Interest document, we outline our vision for a local media network channel – and comment on business plan, scheduling, Government, and geographical issues.

The move has been reported in today's Media Guardian (see above).

The article quotes Inclusive Digital’s Nigel Dacre as saying:

“There is logic in the current government proposal, with the national network providing a spine – including channel branding, graphics, human resources and PR – to keep down costs and create a template”.

"You can clearly make low-cost but high-quality content, provided you have proper training, you avoid expensive studios, presenters and high-cost graphics. What local people want is their top local stories, told well in video”.

For this Expression of Interest, Inclusive has joined forces with Steve Perkins – who has just left Ofcom, where he was Head of Content Policy, and where he played a major role in successive local TV and PSB reviews.

We are now in the process of talking to organisations who are interested in joining or setting up a consortium – including other TV editorial and engineering consultants, media organisations, educational and training bodies, and funding groups.

Read the full Media Guardian article.

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