Video Streaming

We have a range of video and presentation streaming solutions

We offer the following services:

  • An online video sync platform that streams lecture videos alongside slides.
  • Live webcasts - including on-location filming, encoding and streaming.

The online video sync platform has a responsive layout, can have client branding, and can be linked to payment and membership systems. For video streaming we use the powerful and reliable global AWS network.

See examples of our work below.                                                              

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Latest video streaming projects

Video/Slides Platform

Inclusive has developed a highly flexible and reliable way of streaming lecture or presentation videos alongside slides. The lecture and slides play in adjoining panels.

The videos stream on a microsite that has the following features:

  • Client branding, and can be hosted on a client website address.
  • Fully responsive layout, which works across devices, including PCs and Macs, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Integration, if required, with 3rd party payment systems, membership or client databases, and user analytics.
  • Streaming from Amazon’s AWS global content distribution network.

Live Webcasts Platform

We offer live streaming from events, providing on-site staff and technical equipment, as well as an online live webcast platform.

Our service includes:

  • Recce the day before to check layout and broadband speed.
  • Webcasting technician.
  • Audio-video mixer desk.
  • On-location encoding system.
  • Web streaming software solution.