Hybrid Events Growing in Popularity

By March 28, 2022 March 30th, 2022 Blogs, Event Filming, Inclusive Digital, Live Streaming

Spring ushered in several livestreams for Inclusive Digital. One of those was the prestigious 2 day World Congress 2022. The event was hosted by the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism (INTBAU) in partnership with the British Council and The Royal Society of Arts (RSA) on the 24th and 25th March, in central London.

The live stream underlined the growing effectiveness of hybrid events.

Each day held a number of talks from international speakers exploring building, architecture and how the sector affects change, whilst having positive consequences on the environment.

INTBAU asked us to livestream the event from their location at the historical RSA building.

We had the task of connecting to live speakers from around the world, so they could present their talks to both an international audience watching online and to attendees at the event itself.

The Congress consisted of 6 virtual and 14 in-person speakers as well as pre-recorded presentations and videos. These were all live mixed through to an INTBAU customised platform, created by Inclusive Digital. For the stream we used a vMix platform, camera set-up and slide feed.

The INTBAU World Congress 2022 was a big success, delivering clear and high quality streaming. We received some wonderful feedback from viewers across the world:

“Excellent quality of image. I loved all presentations…”

We enjoyed working with INTBAU and helping them to connect their diverse discussions to a global audience.