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By February 24, 2011 November 2nd, 2017 Work and Consultancy for Local TV, Years 2007-2012 Archive

Inclusive Digital has submitted an Expression of Interest for the proposed new local television network.

The aim is to form or join a consortium that will tender for the network channel later in 2011. This could either be on a consultancy basis, or as a member of a consortium.

In the Expression of Interest document, we outline our vision for a local media network channel and comment on business plan, scheduling, government, and geographical issues.

The move has been reported in today’s Media Guardian (see below).

The article quotes Inclusive Digital’s Nigel Dacre as saying:

“There is logic in the current government proposal, with the national network providing a spine – including channel branding, graphics, human resources and PR – to keep down costs and create a template”.

“You can clearly make low-cost but high-quality content, provided you have proper training, you avoid expensive studios, presenters and high-cost graphics. What local people want is their top local stories, told well in video”.

For this Expression of Interest, Inclusive has joined forces with Steve Perkins who has just left Ofcom, where he was Head of Content Policy, and where he played a major role in successive local TV and PSB reviews.

We are now in the process of talking to organisations who are interested in joining or setting up a consortium – including other TV editorial and engineering consultants, media organisations, educational and training bodies, and funding groups.

Read the full Media Guardian article.