Local TV licence award

Inclusive is part of the consortium that has been awarded a 12 year Local TV licence for Nottingham.

The Notts TV consortium is made up of the Nottingham Post newspaper group, Nottingham Trent University, Confetti Media Group and Inclusive Digital.

The award was granted by the media regulator Ofcom.

Notts TV is represented by its four corporate directors: Craig Chettle, owner and MD of Confetti Media Group, Steve Hollingsworth, Publisher Nottingham Post Media Group, Gary Smith, Commercial Director, Nottingham Trent University, and Nigel Dacre, CEO of Inclusive Digital and former Editor of ITV News. Steve Perkins, the Inclusive Digital Senior Consultant for Local TV, will be on the channel’s Management Board.

Notts TV is planning to launch in Spring 2014 on Freeview channel 8.

The new channel will broadcast local news and other programmes seven days a week – from 4pm until midnight for the first six months, then from 7am until midnight.

The application to run the Nottingham TV channel said: “Our vision is to produce quality content that is directly relevant to the people of Nottingham. We aim to cover local news, and produce a broad range of general programmes. Notts TV will reflect the fact that Nottingham is a vibrant city, with a busy news agenda, and a rapidly growing creative sector. We will adopt a Public/Private Partnership approach, involving a network of local public, private and community organisations. We will avoid unnecessary costs; but at the same time ensure that the service meets high production standards. And we will make extensive use of the consortium’s existing studios, facilities and resources.”

The licences have been awarded as part of the first phase of the government’s plans to roll out local TV across the UK, with further successful applications set to be announced this autumn.