London 2012 festival

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Inclusive Digital has teamed up with the Pleasance Theatre to provide filming and an interactive website for the Pleasance Ahoy ‘Tall Tales from the Riverbanks’ project.

The Pleasance Theatre is putting a group of comedians on a canal boat, which will then travel from London to Edinburgh during the Olympics. The comedians will be filmed during their journey, and as they put on series of riverside gigs.

It is one of the key events of the London 2012 festival, and it will take place from late June through to August 2012.

Inclusive will film and photograph the journey, edit the videos on board the canal boat, and then upload the content to the Pleasance Ahoy website.

Inclusive is designing and developing the website, which will be ready to launch by the end of June. The site will stream videos, audio, photos, and blogs – and will feature an interactive GPS-linked route map.