Looking forward to 2018

By January 4, 2018 February 2nd, 2018 Blogs, Inclusive Digital

After 10 years in business, Inclusive Digital is entering its eleventh year in good shape.

We’ve spent the last 18 months re-structuring the company to focus on 6 key and specific areas of digital production – each area with a bespoke marketing campaign and dedicated resources.

The 6 areas are website development, video and audio production, event filming, live streaming, the Inclusive eLearning platform, and the Inclusive Video and Slides Platform.

Behind the scenes, we’ve re-organised our administration and commercial systems to support these 6 areas.

And we’ve set out to improve the quality of our services – with new online systems for tracking project management, moving our servers to the cloud, and upgrading our digital platforms.

To do all this, we’ve taken on more staff, and invested in more high-end technical equipment.

It’s always difficult to be objective, but I genuinely feel that the company is swimming with the tide. The digital world is developing at an extraordinary pace, and it feels good to be part of an industry that’s expanding and developing.

For each of our service areas, there’s clear evidence of growing demand – the viewing of online video continues to develop exponentially, and companies and organisations are increasingly turning to digital solutions for marketing, communication and training.

Like any company, we obviously have issues to resolve. Pitching for new business and pricing are both difficult areas to get right in an emerging and competitive sector.

So it’s hard work! But it’s also an exciting time to be involved in digital production.

As a company, we enjoy taking on new and innovative projects. In the next couple of months, for instance, we’ll be testing our new live streaming platform, launching our latest interactive mobile app, producing a new audio podcast series, and unveiling a new Learning Management System.

This will be on top of our usual event filming schedule, and the ongoing management of our portfolio of WordPress and eLearning websites.

So an upbeat and busy start to 2018!

Nigel Dacre, CEO