Local TV speech

By April 30, 2015 October 26th, 2017 Work and Consultancy for Local TV

Inclusive Digital CEO and former Chair of the LTVN Nigel Dacre has delivered a keynote address at the Westminster Media Forum Seminar, held in London in April 2015 – saying there had been “considerable progress in the roll-out of Local TV in the UK”, but called on the new government “to urgently consider how to support the Local TV sector”.

He said in his speech: “Let’s not forget, the current Local TV project was a government initiative, and has involved the expenditure of millions of pounds of both public and private money. So I think it’s only right and proper that the new government comes in and looks at how this important initiative can be further developed.”

The one day seminar was called ‘The future for local media: plurality, revenue models and policy priorities’ – and Nigel’s address was titled: ‘Local TV – the story so far, and opportunities and challenges for the future’.

As well as the former Chair of the LTVN, Nigel is a Director of Notts TV and CEO of Inclusive Digital.

The Westminster Forum event was held on Tuesday 21 April at the Royal Over-Seas League, St James’s Street, London.