NJA website update

By September 18, 2016 November 10th, 2017 Website Development

The National Jazz Archive, one of our long-standing clients, won a new Heritage Lottery Grant earlier this year. We’ve been working with them to upgrade their website.

The lottery grant has been used to launch the Archive’s Intergenerational Jazz Reminiscence project in Essex.

In a press release, they described it as:

‘An ambitious 18 month programme to expand the archive’s holdings in collaboration with local and national organisations, inviting community groups of all ages to participate at the heart of the process.

In each location, using materials that we currently hold as well as others supplied by local jazz clubs and Chelmsford Museums service, we will inspire members of Age UK activity centres, local jazz clubs, local youth groups and young jazz musicians to explore and discuss what music has meant and still means in their lives.’

The NJA asked Inclusive to update the website to include multimedia material from this programme. With our upgrades, the new Jazz Stories section of the site will now feature a range of audio and video content.

All of the audio and video files on the website are streamed through NJA accounts on SoundCloud, YouTube and Vimeo.

On the Jazz Interviews page, visitors can use the filter bar to move between written, audio and video interviews (as shown in the screengrab below):

As part of the IJR project, the University of Essex will interview local jazz musicians, promoters, and organisers. The Archive will also film a number of workshops and events with local groups.

All of these will be made available to listen to or view on the website in the next few months.

Inclusive has been working with the National Jazz Archive since 2012, when we launched their website, the Story of British Jazz.

Screengrab of the ‘Jazz Stories’ section of the National Jazz Archive website.