Notts TV coverage

By July 5, 2013 October 23rd, 2017 Work and Consultancy for Local TV

The Nottingham Post has published a feature piece on Notts TV – the channel partly owned by Inclusive Digital’s subsidiary, Local Digital News.

The new local television channel Notts TV is to be launched in April 2014 and will include amongst its programming news, sport, entertainment, politics, business, weather, travel and more.

It will be broadcast on Freeview channel 8, initially from 4pm to midnight on a daily basis, with “local organisations, community groups and businesses also contribut[ing] heavily to the schedule to ensure that Notts TV delivers content that is relevant to people across the county”.

The Nottingham Post spoke with Notts TV shareholders including MD of Confetti Media Group Craig Chettle, Director of Local Digital News Nigel Dacre, Nottingham Post MD Steve Hollingsworth and the Commercial Director from Nottingham Trent University Garry Smith.

Nigel Dacre said in the article: “We’re not going to be making Downton Abbey; people in Nottingham are already getting programmes like that.

What they don’t get at the moment are TV programmes about local news, sport, business, shopping, arts, property and the like. And that’s what we’ll be delivering.”

Notts TV will receive £150,000 of funding from a £40 million budget for local television, which will come from the BBC Television Licence fee.