Local Digital News launch

Inclusive Digital has teamed up with Steve Perkins to set up a subsidiary, Local Digital News. The new company issued the following press release on Friday 29th July 2011 Launch of Local Digital News.

The multi-platform production company Inclusive Digital has announced the setting up of Local Digital News – which will offer digital, editorial and management services to organisations planning to launch and operate local TV channels.

The aim is to allow potential local TV operators to keep costs down by accessing a central pool of expertise and coverage.

Local Digital News is being led by three senior broadcasting and digital executives: Nigel Dacre, the CEO of Inclusive Digital and former Editor of ITV News; Steve Perkins, former Head of Content Policy at Ofcom; and Nicholas Wheeler, former head of ITN’s digital media division.

They are bringing together a group of experts and consultants in essential TV fields, ranging from engineering to script writing.

Local Digital News believes that by being a central resource to local TV as a whole, it can reduce set up costs for each group while delivering higher standards. It also believes that it will open out the potential pool of consortia to those organisations that have strong local roots, but who are less experienced in TV or digital areas.

The new company will offer potential and successful local TV consortia three crucial services:

1) Management and training in setting up and operating local TV channels.

2) An online digital news platform – for mobiles, tablets, online, and connected TV. The platform would be developed by Inclusive Digital.

3) The supply of relevant stories that could be given a local angle in local TV areas.

The company may also apply for local TV licences – either on its own or as part of consortia.

Nigel Dacre said: “Our aim is to bring top level knowledge to local TV. But it is not just a consultancy service. It’s an experience bank delivering practical solutions in a practical way.”

Steve Perkins: “There’s no doubt the key to success is genuine localness. But we believe there are systems that can be used everywhere to achieve the best quality at the lowest cost.”


1) The multi-platform production company Inclusive Digital was founded in 2007. It specialises in websites, mobile applications, video and TV production, and digital consultancy.

2) More details on key LDN staff:

• Nigel Dacre – is CEO of Inclusive Digital, which he founded in 2007. In 2010, he was part of the Trinity Mirror/PA tender bid for the IFNC Local TV News contract in the North East. From 2003 to 2007, he worked with Ten Alps, as the Chief Executive of Teachers TV, the launch director of Kent TV, and the Managing Director of Ten Alps Digital.

From 1996 to 2002 he was the Editor of ITV News, in charge of ITV news programmes, including News at Ten. Nigel’s television career started as a BBC News Trainee – followed by two years as a Regional Journalist at BBC Points West in Bristol.

• Steve Perkins – former Head of Content Policy at Ofcom, expert in policy development for local TV and and Broadcasting Code compliance.

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