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Local TV is marking its first anniversary. It’s a year since Estuary TV launched in Grimsby. Since then 12 local TV channels have launched. Inclusive Digital has played a key role in the development of Local TV in the UK – co-owning one of the channels, Notts TV, through its subsidiary Local Digital News, and helping set up the Local Digital Network (LTVN). The LTVN has issued the following press release to mark the anniversary.

Local TV Press Release

Local TV in the UK is marking its first birthday this week, after a busy spell of channel launches.

It was on 26th November 2013 that the Local TV service for Grimsby, Estuary TV, launched on Freeview Channel 8 – the beginning of a new era of local broadcasting.

There are now 12 Local TV channels on air – in Grimsby, London, Norwich, Nottingham, Glasgow, Brighton, Sheffield, Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, and Newcastle.

Two more stations are due to launch before the end of the year – Solent, later this week, and Liverpool, in December. This means that there will be 14 Local TV channels on air by the end of 2014.

Nigel Dacre, a Director of Notts TV and Chairman of the Local TV Network, said “The fact that just a year after the first Local TV channel launched, we now have 12 channels on air is a really important milestone and achievement. Everyone in the sector accepts that we still face a lot of challenges and issues as we continue the roll-out and development of Local TV in the UK; but I think we deserve to be really proud of what we’ve done so far”.

The last 4 channels to go on air have been the Made TV stations – Made in Bristol, Made in Cardiff, Made in Leeds and, most recently, Made in Tyne and Wear.

Jamie Conway, Made TV’s CEO said: “It’s wonderful to see so many stations on air less than a year after Estuary TV in Grimsby led the charge, and we’re very proud to have launched 4 stations in 6 weeks. Our experience is matching those who have gone before in seeing an overwhelming amount of goodwill towards the stations and highly engaged audiences. We’re also very proud of being able to give so many local businesses an advertisement platform that reaches such a large part of our cities.”

One of the first services to launch, in March 2014, was Mustard TV in Norwich. Its MD, Fiona Ryder, said “We are delighted with the audience reception and support for Mustard TV locally. It is making a real difference to the communities we serve, and local advertisers have reported tangible results from their TV advertising campaigns.”

The last of the stations due on-air this year is Bay TV Liverpool. Gearing up for its December 4th launch date, CEO Chris Johnson said: “We are getting some really positive feedback from viewers in the run up to the launch of Bay TV Liverpool and a lot of enquiries from people wanting to know how they can get involved and from businesses about how they can advertise on the channel.”

To mark the first anniversary, the Local TV Network (LTVN) launched its own website this week. The site is designed to provide a focus and point of reference for the Local TV industry’s news as well as highlighting the work of individual channels.

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