We’re going live…

By June 1, 2017 February 3rd, 2018 Blogs, Live Streaming

As a company, we are ramping up our live streaming operations. New equipment, new cloud software, and new front end designs.

We’ve offered live streaming for some time. We’ve designed and operated the streaming web pages, and used our own camera teams and equipment to film the events, but we worked with a specialist streaming company on the nuts and bolts of getting the signal online and out to viewers.

But we’ve decided to take the whole operation in-house, buying the necessary mixers and encoding equipment – and working out the best online cloud delivery solutions.

Why are we doing this?

Firstly, more of our clients are asking us to live stream events for them, and we felt that we wanted complete control of the operation if we were going to do more work in this area.

Secondly, part of our 2016/17 strategy is to become a one-stop shop for digital production services. We can design and develop websites. Build online training platforms. Produce videos and film events. We can do all this ourselves, using our own staff and equipment. It seems clear to us that we needed to add live streaming to this portfolio of in-house services.

Thirdly, it’s pretty obvious that online live streaming is about to see considerable growth.

Conferences, seminars, product launches, press announcements – they are increasingly being streamed live to the internet or to social networks.

Of course, anyone with a decent mobile phone and a Facebook Live or Periscope account can stream an event. But we believe that there will also be a growing demand from organisations and companies for a live stream to be done professionally – with high quality sound, multi-cameras, and a dedicated, interactive streaming page.

The live streaming project is being led for us by one of our Digital Producers, Ben Ridley – supported by his colleague Allan Taylor.

One ongoing issue for us, though, as we take on more live streaming work is pricing. We’ve done a lot of market analysis over the last year or so, and we think that many of the existing providers in the streaming sector are currently over-charging for live streaming.

So we are pitching at the middle to lower-cost end, aiming to provide a high quality streaming service, at a cost-effective price.