Video-based eLearning

By August 1, 2019 September 6th, 2019 Blogs, eLearning

We’ve been developing our video-based eLearning platform for over 7 years, and it’s now one of our key business areas.

Demand for eLearning has steadily grown, as more and more organisations realise the benefits of this kind of learning.

By using lectures and seminars as the basis for our eLearning platform, we can provide our clients with a CPD resource that is both high quality and cost effective.

Current clients for  our video eLearning services include:

  • Royal College of Radiologists
  • Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland
  • British Society of Rheumatology
  • Institute of Biomedical Sciences
  • Open Access Scholarly Publishing (OASPA)
  • Association of Business Recovery Professionals

What we do:

Although the subjects covered by our clients differ widely, our approach is consistent across all of our eLearning sites:

  • Our Digital Producers film the clients’ lectures or seminars.
  • We process them through specialist editing software, converting each Power Point slide to a JPEG file.
  • We then ensure that each video simultaneously runs alongside its corresponding slide in adjoining panels.
  • We upload the videos to our eLearning platform via the Inclusive Content Management System (CMS).

How our users benefit:

For the user, this process results in a simple and flexible learning experience.

First, you search the website’s video library for the content you’re looking for.

You can then watch the video with its corresponding slides, writing reflective notes as you go along.

When you’re done, you simply store these notes in your My CPD page, along with your viewing certificate, and they’ll be ready to download or print for annual appraisals or revalidations.

Why we think this works well:

We think this kind of learning is beneficial for both organisations and learners for a number of reasons.

High quality learning: the lectures are given by leaders in their field, providing the latest research and information.

Scalability: our platform can host just 10 lectures, or over a thousand. This means you can adapt and grow your eLearning platform over time.

Low production costs: filming and editing is much cheaper than designing and building bespoke learning modules. Through filming lectures and seminars, you can produce valuable educational resources at a fraction of the cost of other learning systems.

Fast turnaround: in most cases, our method means that videos can be made live on the site within a few days of filming. Learning modules designed from scratch can take months to build.

Interactive, ‘lean forward’, rather than passive, ‘lean back’ learning: users have to fill in reflective notes or answer questions after viewing the lecture. They can also select and look at different slides at any time, resulting in an interactive learning experience.

To learn more, read about one of our eLearning sites for the AAGBI.

More information about our video-based eLearning services can be found here.